>Grey Daturas. Aprende inglés (del bueno) con Harlem

>Bilbao (29 de abril, El Balcón de la Lola); Madrid (3 de marzo, Wurlitzer Ballroom); Badalona (4, Estraperlo -Club del Ritme-)

“We’re definately more psychedelic than metal”

Este power-trio monolítico de metal psicodélico ejecuta un rock persuasivo e hipnótico con similares efectos narcóticos a las ‘daturas’, los hongos alucinógenos que los nominan. Lo dice OSCAR CUBILLO, ha arrancado unas reflexiones y confesiones a Robert MacManus, del grupo australiano.

Que si Australia es una influencia.
Australia has and always will have a massive influence on our music, not to mention our artwork as well. We’re influenced by a lot of incredible Australian bands and artists, not to mention the Australian landscape. We made a contious decision early on that we want the artwork for our posters, shirts and releases to look as Australian as possible, that’s who are, it’s were we’re from and we don’t want people to get confused and think we’re an American or British band, we’re Australians and we’re proud of that.

Más influencias.
The Birthday Party / Nick Cave, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, John Coltraine, Sun Ra, John Cage, Black Sabbath, Darkthrone, The Dirty Three and Dead Can Dance have all had a huge influence on our sound. Stockhusen, Faust, Cluster, Einstürzende Neubauten and the German krautrock scene had a massive influence as well .

Que si sois una banda psicodélica, más que metálica.
We’re definately more psychedelic than metal, in saying that i listen to a lot of metal and we try and make our music as heavy as possible, but in a more subliminal way, as apposed to be straight up and predictable. The lest thing we want to be labeled as is a metal band, for us that’s way too limiting.

Que por qué escogísteis el nombre. Que si acaso tomáis narcóticos.
I named the band after a crazy story my friend told me about a friend of his that rubbed the oils from a Datura plant into his eyes as he wanted to go on a heavy trip, he subsiquentially went crazy and has never returned to normal.
No we don’t use drugs, we used to, like everyone does when they’re younger, but not anymore. These daye it’s all about Red Bulls and Coffee.

Que qué contáis de vuestro último disco, Return to Disruption.
When we recorded Return to Disruption we wanted to take what we recorded on Dead in the Woods to a far darker and heavier place, we wanted to experiment more with the idea of free rock and psychic rhythms, i feel confident that we did that. Return to Disruption is my favourite record by far, Dead in the Woods is my second. I’m very proud of those albums.

Que cómo será, concretamente, el concierto en Bilbao.
It’s going to be awesome, the fact that we’re playing with Year of no Light it’s guaranteed to be an killer show. Our Spanish promoter Artur Garcia (Wombat Booking) is our tour driver / roadie on this tour so i’m really looking forward to returning to his home Town.

Que si recordáis algo de vuestra actuación en las fiestas de Bilbao.
A really cool heavy metal bar called Metal World and all the open air bars and food stands, we got really lucky playing the same weekend as Big Week, it was an awesome way to start our first European tour.