>No Use For A Name. Aprende inglés (del bueno) con Harlem

>“Racism is still an issue in the States”

No Use For A Name actúa estos días en España. El viejo adalid del punk rock melódico, formado hace 22 años en California, promociona The feel good record of the year, un décimo CD en el que innova bien poco. OSCAR CUBILLO charló con el cantante Tony Sly antes de su reciente concierto en Munich. Locuaz, lo que se dice locuaz, no es que sea…

Que ya lleváis 22 años. Cómo os las arregláis para tocar rock durante tanto tiempo.
Well I always appreciate it. Going on tour, with your friends, it’s your job, playing music… That’s like a dream for some people. So never taking that for granted is the key to longevity for sure.

Que por qué el hardcore melódico californiano es tan bueno, auténtico y cool, por qué gusta en todo el mundo.
I don’t know. Maybe people relate with it on a different level.. and you get bands copying bands and so forth a lot like England and britpop. I mean think how many huge pop bands have come from england?? I think we are lucky to be part of the california punk thing, but there are great bands from all over the world.

Que qué os mola de España.
The shows are crazy. People are so passionate about music there, you know singing along and dancing like fucking crazy. It’s great, I love it.

Que por qué nos tenemos que comprar The feel good record of the year.
It’s a really good record I think. It has a lot of elements of this bands sound throughout all the years and kind of defines our sound a bit.

Que dónde encuetras inspiración a la hora de componer.
Anywhere. But mostly I have to imagine myself in someone elses place, someones loss, or hardship. Or sometimes my own. And sometimes things just get under my skin so much that I write about it.

Que qué esperanzas tenéis puestas en Obama, vuestro nuevo presidente.
That he can turn our country around. But I think it will take a long time and everyone should stop judging him so early and just see what happens. He’s in there for 4 years no matter what, so let’s see what happens, you know? He has inherited a big mess with the economy, Medicare, Iraq, Afghanistan, the national debt,… It’s overwhelming so I don’t think it will be fixed soon. However, electing an African-American in the U.S. Is a very big step for us and our past history. Racism is still an issue in the States…so this step is a huge one.