>Marah (feliz navidad). Aprenda inglés (del bueno) con Harlem

>“Christmas is the one time of year when you can forget about being cool for a few weeks and just be happy, have fun”

Qué bonita es la navidad. Sobre todo si tres miembros de Marah la celebran con guitarras acústicas, piano y contrabajo. Y bajo el nombre genérico de Merry Fuckin’ Christmas Tour. Bueno, David Bielanko se lo explicó mejor a OSCAR CUBILLO hace un mes, antes de ofrecer varios bolos en la península. Siento el retraso, debo decir.

Que desde donde respondes a la entrevista, David.
Right now I am freezing my ass off in a dressing room backstage at a nightclub in Glasgow Scotland (this place is for penguins!). Me and Christine Smith are playin a duo support slot tonight for a friend’s gig, Just killin time till we get back to the Basque Country! Tomorrow morning we fly to London. Workin hard.

Vaya, que por qué te gusta tanto Euskadi.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…SOUL…the Basque people are cool and intelligent. Traveling around Europe, as we’ve been for the last few weeks, makes us ache for your part of the world. We only hope you know how lucky you are!!! Plus you can still smoke in the pubs and cafes! I miss you.

Que por qué regresais en formato trío acústico.
My Brother and best friend Serge is having a baby girl in about 40 days!!! We are soooo excited for him but also understand that after many years of non-stop rock & roll touring he needed this time to get his life together (paint the baby’s room pink, buy rubber ducks etc). But me and Christine and Johnny couldn’t resist trying to get back Spain/Basque Co. at Christmas time. You only live once….PLUS, It is well overdue that we play Marah’s music there in a stripped, raw and rambling folk explosion kinda way. It rocks hard, it is sad, sweet, quiet, loud and soulful. You guys will love it..

Que por qué llamáis a la gira Merry Fuckin’ Christmas Tour. ¿Acaso no os gusta la navidad?
No. We absolutly love Christmas. The music, friends, family, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, string lights, Egg NoGG, mulled wine all of it. Christmas is the one time of year when you can forget about being cool for a few weeks and just be happy, have fun (that’s fuckin’ cool)

Que si os bastais los tres para hacer un buen show.
Me and Christine Smith and Johnny Pisano are the three Marah band members playing. We are playing guitars, banjo, piano, accordion and the stand up Bass. This is all we need to rock any nightclub into the earth!!! The Three of us are working on the new Marah record together, we are all best friends. The three of us are also thinking about getting married.

Que comó son los conciertos de esta gira.
The show is festive and holiday-ish but it is mainly a celebration of all of Marah’s music through the years. As a trio the words become more important, the songs often come through in a more immediate way. They are harder, softer, sadder and often better then the “full-on” band treatment. It is a “must see” gig for our fans! We will enjoy these gigs more then any others this year… Ho ho ho!!!
Your friend, David Bielanko.