>Gogol Bordello. Aprenda inglés (del bueno) con Harlem

>“After Super Tanranta!, we’re suddently the motherfucking Pink Floyd of Gypsy Punk and the Kings of the Live Magic Chapter”

Los reyes del punk gitano ya están aquí. La banda neoyorquina, conocida por su escaso gusto a la hora de llenar su ropero y su mayor habilidad a la hora de asimilar ritmos balcánicos con energía y despreocupación propias del punk, presenta su segundo álbum, Super taranta! Tras descargar en Barcelona, aún le quedan actuaciones en Santiago (mañana, Capitol) y Barakaldo (sábado, Rockstar Live).
El menda, tras leerse el primer fascículo del curso de inglés de Vaughan, uno de la BBC y otro que vendió el Deia, se atrevió a establecer contacto en inglés con el guitarrista y cantante Eugene Hutz. Esto es lo que salió. Que San Shakespeare me perdone.

What can you tell us about Super taranta!, your last album?
Before that we were considered to be mostly live band… but now, after Super Tanranta!, we’re suddently the motherfucking Pink Floyd of Gypsy Punk and the Kings of the Live Magic Chapter. The truth is that we were never just live band, songwriting was always the most important aspect of it. Perhaps on Super Tanranta! it became more coherent.

Is very different to your previous albums?
Yes, we have an evolution going on. Even the next one will be again infused with something new wich is life in Brazil.

Where do you find inspiration in?
My friends, strangers, travel, flirting, really… Thats when people seem to be the most witty and at their best.

Your songs can be enjoyed by everybody?
I search for extracts of universal semplicity but what I find at our concerts is people wearing t-shitrts from Manu Chao to Sepultura, kids from 15 years old to people who seems to be 90!

When (and why) do you decided to mix rock music and balcanic sound?
I didn’t decide. I just opened my mouth and that’s what came out.

Is gipsy punk the best name to define your music?
Best is not to define it but to enjoy it!

Which are your favorite bands ever?
Vladimir Visotsky, Camaron De La Isla, The Clash, Manu Chao and Radio Bamba Soundsystem, The Stooges, Slayer!

How is today a show of Gogol Bordello? We must be ready to dance, or is better to be seated listening to your lyrics?
It is generally wise to attend the shows in a seated manner and follow the instructions of the bouncer… But when you get home, you can finally destroy all the furniture and swing on your chandelier… and finally have the time of your life!

By the way, tell us something about your lyrics.
Well sing about alchol leads to harems… and in harems they usually serve a lot of alcohol… and my mama always told me to always say only truth…

It’s easy to be successful in music playing this kind of music?
The more you know how to enjoy the hardships, the easier it will be!

Gipsy punk sound isn’t a best-seller…
What the fuck are you talking about? It is a national best seller!

You live in USA. Do you prefer Obama to McCain?
Buenaventura Dorotti!

Obama said that he’s gonna change the world. Do you think that he can change the world of music, the world of rock music?
I don’t know, i haven’t heard his album!

Whick are your next projects?
Producing Obama’s and McCain singing Macarena, wich is going to change the world.