>Barrence Whitfield & The Hi-Risers. Aprende inglés (del bueno) con Harlem

>Our show is wild, savage, frenetic, soulful and great as always!!!

Escribimos estas líneas sin prestar atención al resto de los conciertos de la semana. Sabemos que entre los más recomendables figurarán aquellos en los que el gran shouter Barrence Whitfield rendirá homenaje al aún más enorme Bo Diddley. En compañía de unos Hi-Risers reforzados para la ocasión con el saxo de Toño Cardiaco. De Los Cardiacos, claro. OSCAR CUBILLO ha hablado con Barrencio y Greg Townson, miembro de la gran party band que le acompaña en esta gira.

Que cómo surgió este proyecto.
Greg Townson. We joined forces because we love to play Rock & Roll! We worked together for a few shows last year and it went so well we wanted to do it again. It’s really special for us all to work together. We don’t get to do it often because we’re all so busy, so this will be a very special tour. We’re all happy it’s happening in Spain!
Barrence. We played together in Rochester,N.Y summer 2007 and really enjoyed playing together.

Que si tenéis diferentes influencias. Por eso de que Barrence eres negro y Hi-Risers sois rostros pálidos.
B. Music translates all color, race, religion, etc… we ust dig each others’ music. If you have soul you’ll click in my book.
GT. I don’t think white or black makes a dfference. The great thing about Rock & Roll is when it first happened in the 1950’s it brought everybody together. I think we probably have the same influences. The Hi-Risers love all the music that influenced Rock & Roll – Blues, Country, Gospel, R&B, Big Band and i’m sure Barrence loves that stuff too.

Que si creeis que los blancos tocan blues, R&R y rhythm & blues de otra manera.
B. Well that’s a tough question because we all have different ways of presenting music; Black roots music came from Field music, and then Gospel music, to “The Blues”, which evloved intowhat we know as Rock N’Roll.
GT. I think it’s more of an age difference. When you listen to early Rolling Stones or The Yardbirds they are kids trying to play music made by forty year olds. They’re nervous in the studio and they play everything too fast! Plus, they just learned their instruments. I think if you take a teenage band today and try to make them play like The Rolling Stones that teenage band would sound much different than the Stones. The Stones are in their sixtes and they been playing together forever so there’s no way a band just starting would sound exactly like them! I think that’s what makes music great – you try to sound like your heroes but it ends up sounding different and you create something new.

Que qué es lo que más of gustaba de Bo Diddley.
GT. Oh man, i love everything about Bo Diddley! He was a great singer, songwriter, innovative guitar player, plus he was a great showman on stage. I played with him four or five times and we had some great times together on stage. He was amazing and his records are incredible!
B. He was an originator of the African Rhythm beat which would be part of the Rhythm and Blues; that jungle BEAT!.

Que qué sentísteis cuando os enterásteis de su muerte.
B. Sad that we lost an original.
GT. The Hi-Risers were in Gijon when we found out he was dead. We were just going on stage, so it was hard to do the show. We were all very sad. The audience was so great that night, though, and we had a very good show. We dedicated a few songs for him that night. We look forward to playing a few songs for him this tour.

Que si va a salir un disco de esta colaboración.
B. Possibly…
GT. I hope so! There has been talk of recording one of the concerts. I know we’d all love to go into the studio to record. We’ll see what happens!

Que cómo son vuestros conciertos juntos.
B. Wild, savage, frenetic, soulful and great as always!!!
GT. We’ll split the time between Barrence and The Hi-Risers. We’ll back up Barrence and then we’ll play some of our songs and then Barrence will come back. It’s going to be a blast!

Que cómo ha reaccionado la gente en USA.
B. They loved it!
GT. The shows we played together were wild! Everybody had a great time. We had a lot of offers to do more shows, so we hope to more in the USA next year. In the meantime we can’t wait to play in Spain!

Que cómo conocísteis a Toño Cardiaco.
B. I have not met him, but have heard wonderful things about him… Looking forward to meeting and playing with him.
GT. We wanted the best Rock & Roll sax player and he’s the man!