>Simple Plan. Aprenda inglés (del bueno) con Harlem

>“We never said we were a punk rock band”

Simple Plan, los pijipunkis canadienses que vendieron más de siete millones de ejemplares de sus dos primeros discos, presentan nuevamente su tercer álbum por estas tierras. Aprovechando su estancia en Tilburg (Holanda), hablamos con el guitarrista Sebastien Lefebvre.

Que qué nos puedes contar de Simple Plan, vuestro último disco.
This record is a bit different for us. We tried to incorporate new sounds without loosing what makes this band. So we worked with different producers to do so and we feel like it’s our best record yet. I think there’s a lot of different songs on there, from hard rock, to punk, to ballads, to clubby songs too.

Que si es muy diferente a los dos anteriores.
I think it can because we did step out of the box a bit. But, I think the fans would have thought it lame for us to do the same kind of record again. It’s important for a band to evolve and to try new things to keep the fans and the band interested.

Que por qué escribísteis una canción como Save you.
Because it was important for Pierre to talk about it. It’s a song about his brother’s battle with cancer and the song talks about how useless you can feel when you are faced with a situation like that.

Que si es vuestra canción más comprometida.
I think a lot of the songs are very personal. It gives a tone to the record. Life and things that happen to us have always been a good source of inspiration for this band. We take personal experiences and turn them into songs .

Que por qué crees que los adolescentes son mayoría entre vuestro público.
I think because our songs talk about feelings, it reaches teenagers a bit more because they are not afraid of them. Also, because they are the ones that go to shows. But we do see adults at the shows too. And most of our fans that have been around for a long time since the first record are older now, in their twenties.

Que si realmente creéis que “punk pop” es el nombre que mejor define vuestra música.
I think punk pop is a cheap, easy and lazy way to describe what we do. If you listen to the record, you will understand why. We touched a lot of different genres with the record. Besides, we never said we were a punk rock band. I think that people pay way too much attention to this word. We were influenced growing up by a lot of punk bands, but that’s what that is. I don’t see much new punk rock bands these days.

Que cuáles son vuestras bandsa favoritas.
Lagwagon or anything Joey Cape touches will always be in my top bands for sure. I really like Coldplay, Björk, Kanye West, Ryan Adams, Jack Johnson…

Que cómo es hoy un concierto de Simple Plan.
The show is still full of energy. Because we have 3 records now, we can really pick the best songs and turn it into a super show. we have a good time. There will be surprises during the show, so make sure you come and check it out.

Que cómo está la escena rockera canadiense.
There’s a lot of great bands from Canada: The Stills, Billy Talent, Stars, Arcade Fire, Gob…

Que si es fácil triunfar en la música viviendo en un país pegado a Estados Unidos, un gigante de la música.
It’s hard for everyone. I don’t think it matters where you are from. And the proximity to the USA has nothing to do with it. The music business is hard and writing a great song is really hard too.

Que cuáles son vuestros próximos proyectos.
Well, after this tour, we don’t have much planned. So I guess we will rest a little bit, live a little to get inspired. And then, it will be time to start working on a new record. Start writing for it. Depending on how it goes maybe a new record next year, if not, then the following.