>The Quarter After. A vueltas con la psicodelia

“The Asteroid #4 are a better band than us”

Alguno se acordará. El amigo Luis Herrera nos pasaba recientemente un texto en el que avanzaba que The Quarter After viene desde Los Angeles con su segundo disco, Changes near. Que el grupo está Liderado por los hermanos Campanella, y que su música se mueve entre la psicodelia y las melodias folk pop de los sesenta que popularizaron The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Love y otras bandas de la zona angelina de Sunset Strips.

También había palabras para la banda telonera, The Asteroid #4. Que es de Philadelphia, que lleva en activo desde mediados de los noventa y que su estilo está también arraigado en la psicodelia, aunque ha recibido influencias de otras corrientes musicales consiguiendo un sonido bastante personal. Ah, y que dan cuenta de su último disco, These Flowers Of Ours. A Treasury Of Withcraft & Devilry.

Su gira conjunta hace escala en Madrid, Cornellá, Vitoria e Irún. Y los miembros de The Quarter After responden a OSCAR CUBILLO al alimón.

Reasons. We wanted to meet Spanish girls. Finally, now all of our goals will come true!

The Long Ryders, the Beachwood Sparks, the Kinks, the Rain Parade, Gene Clark, Fairport Convention, the Stone Roses, Husker Du. Anything with a good melody and psychedelic/chiming/fuzz guitar.

It means nothing but we liked the way it sounded. It’s part of the history of bands with trippy names. Dominic likes the connotations of time and space…

What to do.
We hope that people feel the same we did when we first heard the Rain Parade.

Changes Near.
It’s a testament to all the music that we love. It takes us in a few more musical directions than our first record. It shows a little bit more roots, like country, acoustic folk, and garage rock.

Love, losing love, and cosmic songs of hope. Sempre avanti was written in tribute to our uncle who passed away last year.

It will be mind blowing. Our live music blows away the record. You don’t believe us? Come see for yourselves.

Asteroid #4.
Well, we hate to admit this, but the Asteroid #4 are a better band than us. They are currently the best psychedelic band on the planet. We have to work hard on tour so they don’t make us look bad.