>Mother Superior. Grande(s)

“Mars is not very friendly and too cold for us”

El rock crudo entroncado con la música negra, un cruce de influencias en el que tienen cabida elementos del blues, el soul y el hard rock, es la seña de identidad de Mother Superior. El trío estadounidense ha publicado recientemente Grande, un trabajo que agrupa remezclas, tomas en vivo, nuevas versiones de “Four walls” y “Let it go”, y una versión del “Hapiness is a warm gun” de los Beatles. A su larga gira española aún le quedan tres escalas. Y OSCAR CUBILLO le lanza unas preguntillas a la base rítmica: Marcus Blake (bajista) y Matt Tecu (batería).

Que qué tal por España.
Marcus. We’ve been here many times. Spain is like a second home to us! The people of Spain love music and they take it very seriously. In fact, whenever we come to Spain, people teach us something about American or English music we don’t know about! The people of Spain are very kind, love life and know how to fiesta! The country is very beautiful. In places, Spain reminds me of California.
Matt. We love Spain. Thats why this september tour is just Sspain, because we missed it it our spring Europe tour. The men are cool. The women are sexy. And the country is beautiful.

Que cómo así tocáis esta vez en tantas salas españolas.
Matt. Because there are so many places and each one is different.
Marcus. We go where the booking agent books us. He often books us where there is a lot of interest in our music. And, there is a lot of interest in what we do all over Spain. From the north to the south to the east to the west of Spain, we love it all!

Que en qué lugares soléis tocar en California.
Marcus. We play in very famous places in Los Angeles. We have done shows at the Whisky a Go-Go, The Roxy, The Troubadour, etc. It is very inspiring to play places where Otis Redding, The Doors, Bob Marley, David Bowie and so many others have stood and performed!
Matt. Big clubs packed with crazy fans

Que por qué otros países europeos pasa esta gira.
Matt. We toured France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Belgium, etc. This last spring, but now we will rock Spain properly!!!
Marcus. We tour all over Europe. We did a massive Mother Superior tour earlier this year but saved Spain for now. I hope the wait will be worth it! We are in the middle of rehearsals right now so we can be as good as we can for Spain!

Que cuáles son vuestros países preferidos para tocar.
Marcus. That is a difficult question to answer. Spain holds a special place in our hearts though because from the very first show we have played there, our fans have been very loyal and supportive. We’re happy as long as we’re playing music and people are digging it. We all love to travel and do what we love. Not many people actually do what they love for a living so we are very thankful. Add to that, an amazing crowd, a beautiful city and cool people… What more could you ask for?
Matt. I prefer planet earth because it has soul. Mars is not very friendly and too cold for me

Que si tocáis mucho en el Reino Unido, donde no siempre sois del todo bienvenidas las bandas yanquis.
Matt. We played there last summer and it was great. But… the weather sucks and so does the food. Jim and Marcus have been there with Sparks, alot this summer and they do well. I’ll be there after this tour with the band Devil Doll.
Marcus. We feel priviliged to play in the U.K. because so many of our favorite bands and musicians come from there. It’s “rock star island” as one of our friends calls it! Earlier this year, we did shows with Sparks there. We did all 21 of their albums in 21 different nights. That was amazing! We also did some sessions for BBC TV and radio in London with Sparks as I mentioned earlier. Last year, Mother Superior did a show in London and that was amazing! Eventually, Mother Superior is going to do a full tour there.

Que mola que toquéis tan bien y tan duro.
Matt. Good!!! Wait till you hear what we got for you this time. Heavy, beautiful, sexy, loud rock and roll for your ear holes!!! And some new shit too!!

Que qué podéis contar de Grande, vuestro último disco.
Matt. Is a collection of unrealesed tracks, live songs, etc. We’ll also be selling it on vinyl, so….save your euros.
Marcus. This particular album has different versions of songs that were on Moanin’ and Three headed dog. There are many alternate versions, live versions and some versions are totally brand-new songs. Ultimately, you may even like these version much better that what was released on Moanin’ and Three Headed Dog. A perfect example is “Jaded little princess”, which was recorded with Daniel Lanois on guitar at the world-famous Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles. In addition, Matt’s drumming and Jim’s guitar playing have never been better!

Que cómo son los conciertos de esta gira.
Matt. Loud and proud brother!!!

Que si recordáis vuestro paso por la Aste Nagusia bilbaína como backing band de Henry Rollins.
Matt. I was too fucked up to remember anything
Marcus. That was another memorable show. It was nice to be part the city’s celebration!, but we are not a stoner band. We don’t limit of what we do to a particular sound. Rock music covers a lot of different styles and attitudes.

Que si Henry Rollins es tan peligroso como aparenta.
Marcus. Rollins is a very hard worker and he will speak his mind and what you get is what you see. Rollins is very cool and we are great friends to this day. If you are a drunk asshole to him, he will definitely let you know you are a drunk asshole! I learned a lot from him and I am proud of the things we did as Rollins Band.

Y que si es muy diferente estar en la carretera con un tío tan conocido como Rollins, y estar en ella con una banda independiente como Mother Superior.
Marcus. Well, when we played with Henry, we played in venues of different sizes and we stayed in all kinds of hotels. We do the same as Mother Superior. That’s actually one of the things I like about playing music and traveling. You never know what to expect. You never know what the crowd is going to be like that night. You never know what Mother Superior is going to play. We aim to do a different show every night. We do know that we play the best we can at every show.
Matt. All I remember is the shows and Jim Wilson is the greatest singer/ guitarist in the world. Specially when Marcus and I get behind him. You’ll see.