>Mark Olson. Aprende inglés (del bueno) con Harlem

“I like anything that is melodic and intense”

Mark Olson, “founding member of The Jayhawks, the most acclaimed band to emerge out of the alt-country scene”, como indica bien a las claras su myspace, presenta estos días por España Salvation blues, disco bello y enraizado facturado tras romper con Victoria Williams. Concretamente, en Santoña, Zaragoza y Altea hay oportunidad de catar en vivo ese viaje a través del corazón de la pérdida y la redenciónen.

OSCAR CUBILLO ha intentado arrancarle algunas claves del susodicho notable disco de ruptura. Separación sentimental que, por cierto, ha precipitado la reunión del núcleo original de los referidos The Jayhawks, que en breve volverán a brillar sobre los escenarios con Olson y Gary Louris a la cabeza. No hay mal que por bien no venga, you know.

I am in Oslo in a noisy cafe. Soon we leave for Italy. For some reason more folks write Myspace from there than anywhere else. We are playing in Italy a bunch this summer but Spain remains the all time high on our list of cool places to play. I am having a hard time hearing myself think with the reggae music here but hope to send you kind regards.

Here are my main influences, most of whome are not country: Bob Dylan, Fairport Convention, Waterboys, Green on Red, John Martin, Joan Baez. Of course I like Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings and Bob Marley anything that is melodic and intense.

Love + Victoria Williams.
Wow what a question! I had a dream the other night where she needed me and I went there so I wrote her on the e-mail and she had just played in Lyon with an african percussion player and sounded so good and I was glad to hear all the good news. Now there are also personal things and you might be right in a way; that was a very good observation!

Well, of course thay rupture influenced in my last album. I also try to take ideas from my parents and cast them into philosophies about the world we live in. In other words I had a grandmother who was vry important to me! So I keep on keeping on within a framework of what has been shown me

The band.
I have a group and we have played 200 shows in the past year. Our line-up is as follows Ingunn Ringvold (Norway) Djembe, piano, harmony vocals, guitar. Michele Gazich (Italy) Violin, Piano. I gave a language party and a few people came. I think a good idea is a band of people from different countries playing together. It seems a good idea to the people that see us. We actually try and speak esperanto on occasion and it is not going well. English and Italian are the dominate languages in the group with a form of old Norwegian called Rune shouted at the Italian and American in frustration.
I am very pleased with the work the three of us have done together. They
appear on the Euro version of Salvation blues and are sweet people

Gary Louris and Mark Olson, friends again.
This is more of a time passing away from the things that stressed both of us. Now if we can land with both feet on the ground and in good health all will be well.

The Jayhawks.
I am going to be there. It is the line up from the old days and should be really quite the concert. I am looking forward to it.