>Gary Louris. Aprenda inglés (del bueno) con Harlem

“If I would have to pick one band, it would be The Beatles. And if I had to pick one person, I would pick John Lennon”

Gary Louris, pieza esencial de los añorados The Jayhawks, defiende por los escenarios del mundo Vagabonds, su estreno en solitario. Ahora que llega su gira española, el bueno de OSCAR CUBILLO le ha enviado unas preguntas para que empiece a defenderlo desde su teclado. Y nosotros, que tenemos algo de hackers, nos colamos en su ordenador y le levantamos las preguntas. Gary responde desde Trondheim. Desde Noruega. Qué frío, ¿no?

¿Por qué decidiste embarcarte en la aventura solista?
I felt I need to experience this part of being a musician. I think it is a real challenge to be able to go up with nothing but your guitar and your voice.

¿En qué situación se encuentran the Jayhawks, en stand by o definitivamente disueltos?
I believe that the days of the Jayhawks are over. We were together a very long time, nearly 20 years. Now I never say never as one does not know how one will feel next year or the year after, but at this time I highly doubt there will be more Jayhawks.
*** Ojo, nuestro buen amigo Luis Gómez nos cuenta que en su actuación en Bilbao, Gary Louris afirmó que hay muchas probabilidades de que la formación que grabó Tomorrow the green grass se suba al escenario en el próximo Azkena Rock Festival.

¿Por qué has vuelto a trabajar con Mark Olson?
I believe that Mark left the band before we made all the music we were meant to make, as time healed the wounds of any disagreements or misunderstandings it just became apparent that we wanted to be friends again and of course make music again.

¿Os habéis reconciliado?Yes, Mark and I are good friends again and it makes me very happy to say that we will play as a duo once our record is released in September.

¿Quiénes son tus artistas preferidos?
I have too many influences to mention… Let’s just say it might not be who you would think it would be by listening to my music. I grew up listening to british rock and then punk rock and experimental music. If I would have to pick one band, it would be The Beatles. And if I had to pick one person, I would pick John Lennon.

¿Cómo presentarías tu primer album en solitario?
I think my new record sound more intimate and personal than anything I have done except for Sound Of Lies. It was a live recording and I loved the band.

En el disco colaboran Chris Robinson, Jenny Lewis y Susana Hoffs. ¿Qué puedes contar de ellos?
Chris is my guy… He is such a good and loyal friend and brought so much energy and vibiness to the sessions. Susanna is a sweetheart and for such a beautiful little thing has the loudest voice of the bunch. She has been a fan of The Jayhawks for years and this was my first chance to sing with her. A thrill. Jenny is amazing also and it was great to see her singing with Susanna. The whole choir just came together effortlessly.

¿Y qué hay de las letras?
I write in a somewhat backwards way. The words start coming out and I figure out what I am writing about after the fact. It’s a bit like therapy.

¿Cómo son los conciertos de esta gira?
All the shows have been fun and people have listened with great respect.

Pues es difícil tocar uno solo. ¿Qué sientes cuando el público está hablando alto mientras tocas?Usually the audience is not talking. If they do and are not bothering the rest of the crowd I let it go as I appreciate anyone who comes. If they are disruptive I will say something nicely. But I do not find playing solo to be difficult, just different. There is a power in the quiet.

¿Qué te atrae de España?
It is my adopted country as I bought a house in Puerto de Santa Maria… It is the people, and the way they are so involved with their families. It is the food and the lifestyle and the architecture and the geography, and… Well, you get the idea.

¿Cuáles son las principales diferencias con Estados Unidos?
America is driven more by work and getting ahead, fast, fast and faster. They do not always stop and appreciate where they are and what they have. This is of course a generalization but it is basically true. If I were to get out of a taxi in Spain chances are the driver will notice my son and say hello and rub his head in a friendly way. That would never happen in the U.S.